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The TAK-40 was entered in the ARRL HomeBrew Challenge, which was announced in August 2006 QST with entries due Aug 2007. The challenge was to design a 40 meter CW and Voice transceiver that could be reproduced for under $50.

While the TAK-40 met all the goals of the contest, the radio's creator, along with many of the builders have made improvements, such as printed circuit boards, more stable VFO, and a 10 watt PA board. All of these options push the build price up depending on which options are added and how creative one is in sourcing parts and enclosures.

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Page Description
Toroids Winding the toroidal inductors and transformers used in the TAK-40.
Circuit Boards Circuit Board Types Available.
Construction Information to build your TAK-40.
Bill of Materials Bill of Materials and Equivalent Parts
PIC16F871 Info about the PIC used in this project.
Programming How to program the PIC
Page Description
DDS-60 Specifications on the DDS-60
Encoder Information on the encoder used for the tuning dial
Schematics Schematics for this project
Software Code, HEX files, and descriptions
Specifications General specifications of the TAK-40
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