Circuit Boards

Circuit Board Types

There are several circuit board types that are being used in this project. Listed below are the ones used by most of the project builders.

Express PCB

This was the option mentioned in the original QSL article covering the TAK-40. These boards are fairly expensive at anywhere from $117 to $264 depending on the number of boards run, and options selected, such as silk screen, solder mask, etc.


Raymond Larrick, KD8DFL has made one two runs of boards. These are by far the most popular among the members of the ARRLHBC Yahoo group. The price on the second run is $12 per set, including shipping. Contact Ray to see if boards are still available, or for overseas shipping information.

(KG8RV) - Here is a picture of the boards I received.

FAR Circuits

These circuit boards have not been as popular with the builders of the TAK-40. Some have complained of poor quality control, such as missing parts of the traces, although it is unknown how widespread that issue is. The FAR boards are not silk screened or through-hole plated and must be soldered on both the top and bottom of the boards. There has even been one builder who preferred boards with non-plated through holes, as it makes component removal much easier.

Please note that these pictures are NOT high quality, and may not reflect the overall quality of the FAR Circuit boards for the TAK-40. They also do not reflect the quality of any other boards produced by FAR Circuits.

Group Back
FCgroup.JPG FCgroupBack.JPG
Digital IF
FCdigital.JPG FCif.JPG


(KG8RV) - I hope K0DKT doesn't mind me posting this but here is the board he designed in pdf format.
I modified it for single sided board and saved as a bmp…print at 300dpi.
K0DKT pdf files:

K0DKT Display Board
Display Top Display Bottom Display Comp
K0DKTdisplaytop.JPG K0DKTdisplaybot.JPG displaycomp.JPG

My single sided bmp file. (layout is the same)

Example of etched board.

It sure beat trying to solder wires to the lcd and looks way better. It was designed for the KD8DFL boards.

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