One thing to remember about encoders is that they are rated in the
number of "teeth" per turn. The TAK-40 ISR adjusts the frequency
every time one of the encoder lines changes, or 4 times the number
of "teeth". A 32 PPR encoder actually increments 128 times per
revolution. I tried a US Digital 100 pulse encoder and it moves very

I'm not sure that the PIC has the space left to implement a velocity
sensitive routine and it sure doesn't have any extra counters. I've
been thinking of adding a MEDIUM rate. To my mind there's only 3
reasons that you turn the main frequency dial:

1. Large band excursions like moving from SSB to CW portions or maybe
going to a specific frequency for a net or SKED. In this case you
don't really care about hearing anything as you go by. Direct
frequency entry would be the best here. So maybe .5 to 1 per step.

2. Tuning around the band looking for a QSO. Here you want to move
quickly but it should be fine enough to tune in a voice signal
maybe .1 or .2 kHz per step.

3. Fine tuning during a QSO. Down in the 10 Hz range.

Maybe I can add tuning rates to the setup menu.


(KG8RV) - Here is what the mechanical type encoders look like inside.

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