Information about KD8DFL's PCB set of the TAK-40 design.

Latest Version

  • The latest version of the board is v1.2

Scans of the v1.2 board

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Digital Board v1.2 PA Board v1.2
TAK-40-PCB-KD8DFL-V1.2-Digital-Board-small.png TAK-40-PCB-KD8DFL-V1.2-PA-Board-small.png
IF Board v1.2 VFO Board v1.2
TAK-40-PCB-KD8DFL-V1.2-IF-Board-small.png TAK-40-PCB-KD8DFL-V1.2-VFO-Board-small.png

Engineering Change Orders (ECO) Page

Bill of Materials for v1.2 Board

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