Information on programming the PIC16F871

PicFlash Software Settings

(KG8RV) — If you use PicFlash from mikroElectronika, these are the settings I got to work.

PicFlash Settings

MeLabs EPIC Programmer

(KM5Z) — I use a MeLabs EPIC programmer. It's a reliable and really great quality programmer, but I only have the 8/18/20 socket adapter (not the 28/40-pin adapter). I finished the digital board and wanted to do a 'burn' and discovered I'd need the 28/40-pin adapter.

Instead, I found this great pinout and was able to use this to wire up a home-brew 40-pin adapter.

I did this not just because the adapter is $35 by itself, but would've taken several days to arrive and I probably will not use it much (I mostly program the 12F and 16F, smaller PICs).

JDM Programmer and WinPic800

K5SYNK5SYN — I used an inexpensive JDM programmer purchased on ebay for about $15, with the WinPic800 software, which is free.

JDM Programmer WinPic800
JDMProg.jpg WinPic800
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